Yogalates is a fusion class, one that blends the ancient eastern discipline of yoga with the modern western teachings of Joseph Pilates; Yogalates combines the core strength and fitness training of Pilates and the stretching, flexibility and mindfulness of yoga in one session


Whether you’re young or old, elite athlete or couch potato wanting to change your life around, Yogalates can work for you.

Yogalates promotes significantly improved core strength, muscle tone (without bulk), balance, flexibility and posture as well as increased range of joint motion.

Yogalates has been shown to improve overall wellbeing as well as general fitness.

If you are a sports person Yogalates can complement your training by developing whole-body strength and flexibility thereby helping reduce the risk of injury. If you have a current injury Yogalates can help with rehabilitation.

Stress relief, improved bone health (especially important for seniors) and noticeably better pelvic floor strength (especially valuable postpartum) are deliverable outcomes of a Yogalates class. And because of the focus on strengthening the core postural muscles which support the spine, it can considerably help with back pain.


Small classes adapted to individual client requirements.

Fun classes that change every session.

Highly experienced teacher passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

In the classes you will also be offered simple techniques to take off the mat and into your lives, so you can continue working towards your health goals outside of class. These will range from easy physical exercises to super-simple mindfulness/meditation techniques to help with stress.

Free one-on-one initial consultation

Should you be a beginner to either Pilates or yoga, have an injury or illness, perhaps you’re pregnant or postnatal, or just want to discuss you health and fitness goals, a free initial one-on-one consultation is offered to all clients so your workout can be personalised to suit you.

So, when you’ve booked your first class, you will be contacted to organise this personal consultation.

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