Carolyn has been a devoted practitioner of yoga and Pilates for more than three decades. After finishing University with a BSc, PGDipA and MA, Carolyn travelled extensively with her husband, living in France, England, Canada and the USA where she taught Pilates, yoga and group fitness classes. On returning to NZ she upgraded her Pilates and yoga qualifications and also trained as a Barre instructor and Personal Trainer, and continued to teach in Auckland.

Carolyn has now created a series of Yogalates classes that takes the disciplines of yoga and Pilates – one ancient, one modern – to provide a programme that offers the very best in core strength training, overall body toning and fitness of Pilates with the stretching, flexibility and improved balance of yoga. Moreover, both disciplines combined can advance your sporting endeavours, help prevent injury, assist in relieving chronic pain (especially lower back pain) and supports great posture. And of course learning to breathe correctly is a fundamental component of both disciplines.

The classes are adaptable to all fitness levels and abilities and class numbers are limited to allow for a more personalised and hands-on approach. Carolyn is a fully qualified Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher, a member of Yoga Aotearoa and the International Yoga Alliance and is a REPS Registered Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Carolyn is also available for private one-on-one training.

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