Here are the answers to many of the questions you may have about Yogalates classes. If you have any other questions please get in touch.

All my classes are suitable for beginner students, however, I recommend beginners contact me and organise an initial free one-on-one consultation to ensure you get the best out of the classes.

Absolutely!  Yogalates is an excellent way to keep in shape both physically and mentally during pregnancy and numerous modifications are available for the various trimesters of pregnancy. A hormone released during pregnancy called relaxin causes the ligaments that connect your bones to become more flexible, making you more prone to pelvic pain and lower back pain. Yogalates strengthens your deep abdominal muscles will help counter the laxity so you’re less likely to develop pain in your pelvis and lower back. 

The Pilates component of Yogalates also helps to give you better awareness of your posture, which changes as your baby grows. This further helps to decrease pain in your back. And keeping in shape through your pregnancy will help you to get back your pre-pregnancy body more easily!

However, it is recommended your consult with your doctor or health care professional before commencing classes, and, as mentioned above, feel free to book in for a free one-on-one session so you can approach the classes with confidence and peace of mind.

Modifications can be made for all sorts of medical conditions; indeed Yogalates can be beneficial in injury rehabilitation, it can help stop the progression of osteoporosis and can be a good introduction in improving cardiovascular fitness. 

You do not have to book, but I do recommend booking to secure a space. There are a limited number of spaces in order to keep the classes more personalised. So, please, if you have not made a booking please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

All the classes are suitable for students of all levels of experience and modifications are always offered for injuries, pregnancy and various health conditions. If you do have a medical condition of any type, it is advisable to book in for a  free one-on-one consultation/class before you  begin the group classes. 

Comfortable clothing is advised; it doesn’t have to be dedicated fitness gear, just appropriate clothing that allows you to move without restraint. Shoes and socks are not required.

It is recommended that clients arrive 15 minutes before class to check in, set up your mat, update the teacher about any injuries or concerns you may have and to allow yourself time to settle and relax before for class begins.

A water bottle, a towel (although towels will be provided should you forget).  Mats are provided at no extra cost, though should you prefer to bring own mat, this is absolutely fine.

All other equipment is provided.

Classes are either 60 or 75 minutes in length so make sure you check the timetable and the venue (because the classes are held at a number of different venues).  For weekend classes the door will be locked once teaching commences, so please ensure you arrive early.

In all venues there is free parking.

This varies from venue to venue. Please check with Carolyn ph. 021 116 9033 to check.

Classes are open to ages 13+ but note that the classes are not specifically tailored to towards children. If you have any questions regarding a child participating in a class please feel free to contact me. 

Private classes are available; please contact Carolyn ph. 021 116 9033 for more details. 

Corporate sessions are available onsite or at corporate premises. Testimonials from corporate sessions will be updated shortly.